our ambition

Our mission is to create beautiful Designs, that we ourselves are proud to wear. We provide the luxurious feeling and style of a designer brand and make it accessible to everybody who seeks an upgrade.


Designed and built with highest passion, produced in limited quantities. IKONIQ timepieces are made for those with true drive, passion and determination.

Time is limited. So are our Watches. Every moment is an opportunity, make it count!


IKONIQ Watch is founded to provide designer style to everyone who seeks an upgrade - our goal is to change the way you think about high-fashion watches by offering high-quality designer products at a revolutionary price.

Mastering the Art of Watches
Our Obsession

We all are determined to be the very best version of ourselves. Nobody is supposed to tell you, you can't do something. Yet, the biggest motivation comes through doubt and failure. And it was because of the big goal we had in the beginning, our fears and craziness, that we created the most iconic watch brand for men who want more out of life. Always pushing the limits and challenging the status quo.

You will be sure to own a rare and unique watch. Something to wear with pride.